Having worked closely with the Managing Directors of Archigroup the Late Mr. Nabil El Kommos and Mr. Rami El Kommos on several projects. I have come to admire their ability, vision and capacity in fulfilling our future ambitions with care, precision and always within the time frame. Their dedication at providing world class services and high quality materials stemming from a long history and tradition of over 5000 years of architectural might sets them apart from other companies.

Mr. Mohamed Salih Osman
Managing Director
Seven Lakes Trading Company Ltd.
Projects Included Both Residential & Commercial Buildings in SUDAN/ UGANDA/ RWANDA/ EGYPT

Mr. Mohamed Salih Osman, Managing Director - Seven Lakes Trading Company Ltd.

In my 26 years working career with El Sewedy Group, I always hired Archigroup as our architect for different and numerous types of works. They designed our first office back in 1988. Archigroup did the complete design and supervision works for the factories Sedplast, Egyplast, Sedco, Italsamea and SET towers. Their scope covered the layout and complete details of the factory. It also included the office buildings attached to each factory.
I highly recommend Archigroup for their innovative architecture solutions, commitment, dedication, punctuality and their continuous desire to please their customer.

Best Regards,

Hassan Abdel Salam

Hassan Abdel Salam, Ex-partner in El Sewedy Electric and acted as a Vice President of the group up to Feb 2014

What made us delighted regular customers in Archigroup was t he creativity of the designs, the quality of the products and the most important thing is the punctuality on delivering on time.

We, EI Sewedy Electric represented by the signed below, Ahmed EL Sewedy, hereby certify that we have assigned Consultant Engineer Rami EIKommos' office to make the design & supervision of many projects starting with renovation of the family house in Heliopolis in 1992 then our new villa in Katameya Heights in 1999 which included landscape, interior & exterior design & supervision. They were also our architectural consultants & designers in several industrial & office buildings in Heliopolis 10th of Ramadan, Obour & Sudan from 1992-2009.

Thanks for your business.


Eng. Ahmed EL Sewedy

Eng.Ahmed ELsewedy, President & CEO - Elsewedy Electric